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'Programming is not a tool or magic, It is the power to create your Imagination in reality...'

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis from textual data like comments,reviews etc using deep learning models.

Web developing

Performance-driven and motivated Full Stack Developer with 3+ years of extensive experience in participating in all phases of software development.

Mobile App

Building mobile/desktop apps using PWA (Progressive Web Apps) that includes caching, push notification, service workers etc.

Restful API

Rest api with json data format/consuming json Data.

Web Scrapping

Extracting or gathering data from websites using Beautiful Soup or Scrapy.

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Fun Facts

#Lerdorf, the PHP founder, has never intended for PHP to become a programming language for the world. He had created the language, or interface at the time, for the purpose of managing his personal website.

#35% of time we spent on finding what end-user will do something wrong

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I am currently working on building my personal blog.Hopefuly we can see it ASAP.

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