My experience


With 3+ years of experience in web development,have worked on several projects on client-side development using HTML,CSS,jquery and Javascript, alos used Vue for frontend .Responsiveness and error free design is the main thing that I consider most.I have a basic and sound knowledge of wordpress,Extensive experinece in using template engines like Thymeleaf,Twig and Blade.

Here Are some of the projects::::

E-commerce solution
Blog Post Site


Developing dynamic sites using Core PHP, Java, Python and MySQL or MongoDB.Besides, PHP Frameworks like Symfony,Laravel,CakePHP and Java Spark microframework and Spring Boot and in Python Flask are also my expertise.Server side Development is bascically my main focus.

Here Are some of the projects::::

Blog Site (Git Repo) OneGP

Web Deployment

Deploying dynamic web sites and web applications uisng LAMP(Linux,Apache,MySQL,PHP) or using PaaS service like DigitalOcean and AWS. Besides,experince on Load and stress testing using Apache Bench and using SonarQube.